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Возможности сервиса CustomWritings:

What is CustomWritings?

CustomWritings is an AI-powered tool designed to assist individuals in crafting essays with ease and efficiency. Its primary function is to help users break through creative blocks by generating essays that cite scientific resources and automatically format papers according to academic standards. Aimed at students, educators, and professionals alike, CustomWritings simplifies the essay writing process, promising a user-friendly experience for those who struggle with time constraints or require additional support in their writing endeavors.
Key Features:

AI Essay Generation:
Leverages advanced AI algorithms to create essays on specified topics within minutes.
Citation and Formatting:
Automatically cites scientific sources and formats papers according to APA or MLA guidelines.
Plagiarism-Free Content:
Ensures that generated content is original and not previously published elsewhere.
Language Accessibility:
Provides well-written English content, accessible to non-native English speakers.
Style and Tone Customization:
Allows users to influence the style and tone of the generated essays through descriptive prompts.


Inspiration and Creativity:
Acts as a source of inspiration, offering fresh references and ideas.
Quickly generates content, saving users hours of research and writing.
Ease of Use:
Intuitive interface and straightforward functionality make it accessible for all user levels.
Educational Utility:
Can serve as a learning aid for improving writing skills and understanding academic standards.


Limited Length and Formats:
Current restrictions on the number of pages generated and downloadable formats.
Potential for Overreliance:
Risk of users becoming too dependent on AI for essay writing, hindering skill development.
Customization Limitations:
While there is some customization, it may not fully capture the user’s unique voice or specific requirements.

Who is Using CustomWritings?

Overcoming writer’s block and generating essays for academic courses.
Utilizing the tool as a teaching aid to demonstrate essay structure and citation guidelines.
Leveraging the tool for drafting literature reviews and discussion pieces.
Non-native English Speakers:
Using the tool to produce well-structured essays in English.
Uncommon Use Cases:
Professionals in various fields using the tool to draft reports or articles; Bloggers seeking inspiration for new content.


Free Access:
CustomWritings offers basic AI essay writing services at no cost.
Premium Services:
Additional features and extended functionality may be available for a fee.

Pricing information is subject to change. For the latest details, please visit the CustomWritings website.
What Makes CustomWritings Unique?

CustomWritings stands out with its ability to generate completely original essays, free from plagiarism. Its combination of AI-driven content creation and adherence to academic formatting standards positions it as a valuable tool for anyone involved in essay writing.
Compatibilities and Integrations:

While specific compatibilities and integration capabilities for CustomWritings are not detailed, the tool is accessible online and supports standard word processing formats like DOCX, making it versatile for various uses and platforms.
CustomWritings Tutorials:

CustomWritings provides helpful articles and guides on its website, offering users insights into maximizing the tool’s capabilities and enhancing their writing skills.
How We Rated It:

Accuracy and Reliability:
Ease of Use:
Functionality and Features:
Performance and Speed:
Customization and Flexibility:
Data Privacy and Security:
Support and Resources:
Integration Capabilities:
Overall Score:


CustomWritings excels in generating high-quality, plagiarism-free essays, making it an indispensable tool for students and professionals alike. Its capacity to produce content quickly and in adherence to academic standards provides a substantial advantage for those in need of writing assistance. Despite some limitations in customization and potential overreliance, CustomWritings offers a unique blend of innovation and practicality that can significantly enhance the essay writing process.

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