Varys AI

Дизайн интерьера AI для профессионалов, GPT для помещений и пространства





Возможности сервиса Varys AI:

Varys AI
is a platform that redefines the space design workflow through artificial intelligence. It is designed to generate interior renders, floor plans, and design solution documents instantly, making it an ideal tool for space design.
Key Features:

Instant Interior Render
: Users can upload their .cad files or draw a wireframe in the user-friendly editor. Varys AI generates design solutions with multiple angles for the property instantly.
Unlimited Style Choices
: Users can choose from hundreds of different styles or create their own to generate stunning concept images.
GPT-Powered Design Assistant
: The platform has an AI assistant that advises on how to reposition furniture, refine the space layout, or even increase business income.
Editable Generated Images
: The generated images are fully editable and controllable, allowing users to re-render until their requirements are met.
Design Solution Document
: Varys AI generates a design solution document instantly with elegant and powerful wording. Users have complete freedom to edit the document using the built-in keynote editor.
Commercial Solutions
: Varys offers strategic advice for retail businesses, helping optimize pedestrian flow, adjust business orientation, and enhance operation patterns.


Cost and Time Efficient
: Varys AI reduces the total cost by 71% and design revisions by 64%. The average render speed is less than 3.5 seconds per person.
Team Scale Reduction
: With Varys AI, the team scale can be reduced from 3 to 1 per person.
Commercial Growth
: Varys AI allows for project series expansion, data training, and quantity production, which can accelerate commercial growth.

Product Offerings:

Varys AI Lite
: Allows users to take a picture of a room and instantly redesign it in 20+ different themes.
Architect AI
: An AI Architecture Renderer and GPT for Architecture Design Idea Inspiration.
Industrial Render AI
: An AI for Industrial Design Render and GPT for Industrial Design Idea Inspiration.
Interior Render AI
: Allows users to re-design their room in seconds by photo and get design inspiration for designers by GPT.
AI Game Assets Generator
: Generates free game assets in seconds by AI and integrates AI workflow in your game.

Varys AI
positions itself as a valuable companion for designers and businesses seeking efficient, scalable, and impactful design solutions. Step into the future of space design with Varys AI.

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